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Cannabis and Suffolk County (MA)

Cannabis and Suffolk County


Suffolk County Sheriff Steven Tompkins and the state’s 13 other county sheriffs have chosen the prohibitionist position on Cannabis…



Thats unfortunate because I thought Sheriff Tompkins was concerned about mass incarceration!?


You are not serious about turning mass incarceration around if you are for the historically racist, and definitively ignorant continued prohibition of cannabis.

These law enforcement types kill me. They always claim to know whats best for everyone and say they want to support the community but then they criminalize us for non-violent crimes, lie to us as the DEA has always done regarding cannabis and other drugs, make a living off of hunting and locking us up for non-violent drug crimes, advocate for the continued loss of our rights (voting,privacy, civil, human, etc.) filling public and private jails over court ruled capacity in what is often a filthy, degrading, inhumane people warehouse, where injustice and cruelty reign, pulling a salary off of the misery of others? There is no moral authority with someone who would criminalize someone for using medicine. Someone who would stand between a sick person and their medication? WTF!?


These Sheriffs are biased and should be sitting down in this drug war debate. No one has made better money and enjoyed more freedom doing so than the boys in blue! The Drug war was created, maintained, and supported by law enforcement and prisons. The Drug War has been a miserable failure since its beginning if the true goal was to curb drug traffic. The drug war has been very successful at its true intention though (as admitted to by Nixon Aide).. Criminalizing the political opposition and maintaining racist culture. It is unethical to call for the continued mistakes of the drug war to continue so that law enforcement employees can collect paychecks along with the other profiteers of the drug war. How many people have these sheriffs put in jail for the same drugs that we are working to legalize? They are fighting for their jobs. Not for us. Again.

Cannabis and the Creation of Modern Religion

Cannabis and the Creation of Modern Religion

Cannabis is Biblical friends…

This scholarly and classic article from Cannabis Culture is a must for cannabis historians..

Chris explains the many times cannabis is mentioned in the bible, how it was used for revelation by biblical characters, the origin of the word cannabis and why this may be new information for some..

Article from Cannabis Culture 1996 http://www.cannabisculture.com/content/1996/05/01/1090

It was work like this that really got me into the research of cannabis history and encouraged me to share with others. I encourage everyone to challenge themselves and read it. it will change your perception of our world.

Thanks To Chris Bennet for all your work!


Cannabis and the Creation of Modern Religion



Boston Cannabis Info and News helps Massachusetts residents and visitors follow local cannabis news, and to continue to evaluate the positions of local politicians and leaders regarding the immoral Drug War and cannabis.

Zoroaster The father of all Abrahamic Religions. Encouraged cannabis use as medicine and sacramental for the use of receiving divine revelation.

With an open mind, seek and listen to all the highest ideals. Consider the most enlightened thoughts. Then choose your path, person by person, each for oneself.

Important info on cannabis… relative to Boston and Bay-Staters..