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Wahlburg’s Premature Boston Marathon Bombing Pic “Patriots Day” is Unfortunately a Whitewash

O’ Hollywood!


“Patriots Day” white-washed


White-Washed Patriots Day

Wahlburg’s Premature Boston Marathon Bombing Pic “Patriots Day” is Unfortunately a Whitewash.

Review – Patriots Day

Mark Wahlburg and Peter Berg

Well… Its happened folks. You wouldn’t think that we live in a world where traumatic terrorist actions are quickly monetized by a Hollywood elite desperately lacking n creativity, ready to cash in big on tragedy, but we do.

Patriots Day is a white-wash!

We can expect movies that are put out in a rush to not thoroughly lay out all the historic story points. But we should not expect those movies to be so disrespectful to so many of the unfortunate participants of such traumatic terrorist events, that they express disgust. That is what has happened here.

Learn about Officer Dennis “DJ” Simmons here.


Read the review and judge for yourself.

Review – Patriots Day

Hey Hollywood! We understand the need to make money is strong… but before you harvest our trauma for your pockets, please be sure to respect all of those involved. This is most true when we are talking about a brave law enforcement officer being recognized for his sacrifice.

DJ Simmons and his family sacrificed. But you wouldn’t know that from watching this movie.

BPD wants to hold up this film as a primo example of patriotism and an example and document of their heroism, but…

They left out the black cop that lost his life after his courageous and responsive actions that night to protect us all.