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To: The Boston City Council Committee on Jobs, Wages & Workforce Development Hearing on Marijuana/Cannabis Market Equity


To: The Boston City Council Committee on Jobs, Wages & Workforce Development Hearing on Marijuana/Cannabis Market Equity

The following letter was submitted to the Boston City Council regarding cannabis licensing.


To: The Boston City Council Committee on Jobs, Wages & Workforce Development

Hearing on Marijuana/Cannabis Market Equity

The goal of the Massachusetts Tax and Regulate Marijuana Act has always been to create a healthy and dynamic legal market for cannabis. This is necessary to stop minors from continued access to marijuana/cannabis. Our previous prohibitionist and interventionist solutions for local cannabis distribution have been complete failures particularly in their inability to keep cannabis from minors, and encourage equal market access. We have adopted this new law to make sure that just like alcohol and tobacco, cannabis remains a product strictly for adults. (18+)

This city council has already adopted measures to undermine the Tax and Regulate Marijuana Act, through the inclusion of a text amendment to Boston’s zoning code, which will arrest and greatly diminish the growth of the legal cannabis industry in Boston. The 2500 ft. buffer was prematurely applied to this fledgling industry, and added on to the already extremely restrictive 1000 ft. buffer that is already imposed on local cannabis businesses, to stay away from schools, nurseries, parks, playgrounds, churches, and numerous other entities. Were the possible effects of such a dramatically market-altering regulatory change, and its resulting effect on consumers and the industry considered at all?

It is clear, that this council is trying to slow and retard the growth of the legal cannabis industry in Boston. This directly conflicts with the newly approved law to Tax and Regulate Marijuana, which is designed to encourage the growth of the legal market. This need, of growing a healthy open market, is necessary to deny minors access, and discourage the effects of white supremacy on new market participants. The Boston City Council’s adoption of the 2500 ft buffer rule to the zoning code will increase the availability of marijuana products to minors by severely weakening and delaying the creation of a holistic legal cannabis market for adults.

This should have been very clear to anyone that read the Tax and Regulate Marijuana Act.

What also would have been clear is that there is an appointed body that is already tasked with studying, reviewing, and making these types of suggestions and amendments to cannabis related regulations and regulatory bodies. The Cannabis Commission and its 15-member advisory board will be the qualified and knowledgeable group, empowered by law, and capable of making effective regulations that won’t undermine the law and all participants. The Boston City Council’s premature motivations to limit legal adult access to cannabis in Boston encourages criminality and under-age marijuana use, which is exactly what the new law is trying to combat.

Negative attitudes about cannabis, often misinformed due to decades of immoral government propaganda, cannot be allowed to once again, set up a hostile system of ignorance and discrimination, to regulate cannabis locally. We should all be able to agree that alcohol is much more dangerous than cannabis to residents in public and private spaces. How, or why then, does this council continually try to increase the number and availability of liquor licenses in Boston? While at the same time trying to drastically limit cannabis licenses in Boston?

Obviously, a bias against cannabis and its consumers.

This bias is multifaceted but largely based in the immorality of historic American cannabis prohibition, birthed and maintained from an American cultural history of white supremacy, and simple ignorance.

I addressed this body previously about the fact that many of our constitutional rights have been routinely violated due to this racism and ignorance, as cannabis is an original Christian/religious sacrament, used from the beginning of recorded history to reveal knowledge and life’s mysteries, commune with God, and the Divine Spark within us all.

We citizens have been denied our right to practice religion, without the constant fear of abuse and molestation due to this same ignorance and racism. When we express this fact, we are often treated with more disrespect and hostility. So, we have come to accept, that we consumers alone must educate our communities about cannabis.

Long before ANY prescription drugs were to be found in ANY medicine cabinet, cannabis had already been used for thousands of years in both religious and medical context. And yes, cannabis was a staple of American medicine cabinets until racism and ignorance allowed for its prohibition (Marihuana Tax Act of 1937). Unfortunately, members of this council have been recorded publicly speaking dismissively about cannabis as a medicine, and therefore denying its long-accepted history of medical use. This indicates a fundamental misunderstanding of cannabis and its related use through all recorded history.


When we hear, our elected officials speak, and they are misinformed on an issue it negatively effects our confidence in, and the credibility of, said politician on that issue.

Cannabis and its increased use was largely responsible for the peace and love sentiments of the 60s generation, and the resulting increase of human rights awareness of that era. What is it about peace, love, and getting along, that makes some people so reactionary?


US Government studies confirm that cannabis use promotes the feelings of peace and love, and encourages social harmony and understanding. We know that some politicians would rather have a less informed, vulnerable, divided, and less educated populace, to get more votes and mislead people towards their harmful policies of greed and deceit designed to serve the few over the many. Those that represent such views should be forced to concede that ignorant and or racist attitudes and ideas from either our current culture or our immoral prohibition era are harmful to the physical, economic, social, mental, and spiritual health of our large and dynamic multicultural community.
I humbly request…

on behalf of so many medical, spiritual, and otherwise oriented legal cannabis consumers, and the numerous organizations and entrepreneurial groups and individuals that wish to responsibly participate in the new cannabis market, to provide much needed services and products to adults in this city… please respect the will of voters and stop hurting our community.

Statements made by several councilors, relaying the concerns of a few local business owners or residents, saying that citizens need protection from this industry and it’s consumers, are not based in fact, but fear. Media and government lies have informed such persons and unfortunately, infected them with a dogma of oppression.


Alcohol! I say again, Alcohol is universally recognized as much more dangerous than cannabis, despite the conflicting and tired lies of Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump and many others. This is not opinion. The dangerousness of alcohol over cannabis is a fact! Yet, this council continues to support the exponentially more dangerous, and unsafe alcohol industry, over the, comparatively minuscule, relatively harmless, local Cannabis industry, at its infancy.


Alcohol is responsible for how many untold sexual assaults in this city?

How many miserable drunk driving deaths? How much domestic violence? How much is alcohol responsible for costly law enforcement services, and the cost to our tax base? our quality of life and safety? Where is the concern from this council regarding the staggering numbers of alcohol related crimes, assaults, and deaths on our roads, businesses, and homes? Why has this council not applied strict buffer rules to such establishments given the overwhelming evidence that such places are a serious public health concern. It’s not uncommon to see all types of these businesses located in close proximity of each other, here in Boston.
If this council continues to behave in such a hypocritical and irrationally hostile way towards this young legal industry, it will insure that the illicit market in Boston for cannabis, stays illicit, and minors will continue to have easy access to stronger and stronger cannabis products.


We residents and professionals refuse to participate in another morally corrupt system of oppression. The law was changed to fix these problems and the city of Boston has already seen fit to negate the will of the voters on this issue due to what appears to be simple ignorance and or bias regarding cannabis and its consumers.
It does not matter how many business owners and residents complain about the imagined and fantastic dangers of dry cleaning stores, nail shops, liquor stores, or Chinese food restaurants. City government would be under no obligation to entertain such personally biased concerns to the point of restrictions (especially unprecedented ones!) on said industries. Such concerns are individual biases and do not merit official attention, because these concerns are a result of subjective individual experience and are not based in facts. Personal biases are subject to racism and other extremely poor reasons to modify policy.


It is not enough for expressed personal concern and worry over the local cannabis industry, to be the only criteria needed for effecting policy, and imposing restrictions.

We must be fair, honest, and deal in facts, all the time respecting consumers and industry leaders. Hostile, kneejerk, or emotional reactions by misinformed politicians and residents based on the endless lies of immoral actors, the greedy and the dishonest, will continue to preserve the unhealthiest and least safe aspects of the emerging cannabis culture and market in Boston.


There is no evidence that this 2500 ft. or any other buffer is an effective measure for creating equality in the new industry. There is no evidence that this or any other buffer, will increase safety or the welfare of anyone. There is no evidence that this or any other buffer, is good for Boston’s cannabis industry or residents. There is no evidence that this or any other buffer, will be at all effective at doing anything but decreasing legal access and supporting crime, through the increased under-age use of marijuana.
I humbly request that this council reverse the discriminatory and unprecedented 2500ft buffer rule applied to cannabis establishments in Boston, and allow the Cannabis Commission to do its job. This was an attack on a new industry and directly conflicts with the will of the voters. The support to apply this buffer rule would have never existed after the creation of a legal local industry.


This council’s premature adoption of the text amendment to restrict all cannabis establishments that are not already prohibited due to the 1000 ft. buffer already in place, to roughly one half-mile apart and away from any other cannabis related establishment, before the community had a chance to weigh in, stinks of bias, and in appearance is no different than corruption, because it clearly favors anti-cannabis proponents, and the new legal cannabis community had no opportunity to be heard.


We want a clean industry and do not want to repeat the historic corruption and lasting economic pain of our alcohol licensing process.
Thank you.


of Mass Bay Cannabis and BostonCannabis.Info


Patient, Caregiver, Consultant, Religious Cannabis Consumer and Advocate




Massachusetts ,California, and Arizona Legalize!

Congratulations Folks!!!

Legalization is here!

Question #4 The Tax and regulate Marijuana Act has now passed!

Finally the people of the commonwealth have been enlightened on the cannabis question and we all may now move on to increased consciousness in all endeavors.

Thank you to all of those that have voted Yes for Question #4!

You are heroes!

BostonCannabis.Info will continue to educate the local public on all things Cannabis; and continue to hold our elected officials feet to the fire on issues relevant to the community.

Cannabis can lead people to a deeper understanding of life and their own consciousness. I am encouraged that cannabis will aid our nations healing and lead to increased social consciousness.

Lets have a fantastic and safe year moving forward friends.


Please text or call 9617)340-9338 to speak with Chief or members of Bostoncannabis.Info and Mass Bay Cannabis 

National Guard and State Police Team Up And Confiscate Marijuana Plant from 81 Year Old Woman.


AMHERST, Mass. – The Massachusetts National Guard and State Police reportedly joined forces to seize a single marijuana plant from an 81-year-old woman.

That’s right folks. Our tax dollars are still hard at work not working for us! How can law enforcement defend this behavior? They wont. They cant. Kinda like how Donald Trump’s behavior cant be defended. Its a similar attitude and culture that we see in both situations.



Chief Kicks Doors Open to Local Medicinal Cannabis Distribution Model in MA!?

Underground Medical Marijuana Delivery in Boston

BOSTON (WHDH) – He’s a combat veteran who completed dozens of missions in Iraq. His newest mission is delivering medical marijuana in Boston, and he let 7News come along.



I was asked by 7News to help them with a story a while back.

They are under a lot of pressure to support the status quo and get ratings so I appreciate the airtime and opportunity to be heard. Nevertheless locals are way behind on these issues in my opinion. If I hadn’t have participated what would their story have looked like?

I did series of shoots with 7News before the Olympics and before the recent incident where law enforcement officials were blaming a local crash (into a state trooper) on cannabis, when it was obvious that there was MUCH more going on with the driver than cannabis. Politicians like Governor Baker and Mayor Marty Walsh of Boston were campaigning against the new cannabis ballot question hard back then. Don’t hear from them now huh? They now have their eyes and paws all ready for a bunch of cash that they plan to squeeze out of legal cannabis patients.

I believe that all locals should have access to the new cannabis market, not just government, not just the connected, not just the wealthy, but yes any old Mom and Pop from the neighborhood! Call me old fashioned, but that’s where I choose to take my biz. Just like my dry cleaning.. I shop local to support my community. Why cant cannabis be similar? Why cant cannabis be used to rebuild our communities instead of being used to take them apart?

Allowing corporate monopolies control over our medicines is how we got the opiate crisis.

I trust people who themselves grow AND use natural and organic cannabis grown from the power of the sun, water, and earth. Government has lost any credibility they may have had on the issue. Corporations and government simply cant be trusted to supply affordable safe quality access to cannabis as medicine.


Underground Medical Marijuana Delivery in Boston


Why Is Marijuana Banned? The Real Reasons Are Worse Than You Think

Source: Why Is Marijuana Banned? The Real Reasons Are Worse Than You Think

Racism, Greed, Ignorance, Corruption… take your pick. Don’t believe me? Click the above link. Red Pill? or Blue Pill?


The history of cannabis prohibition is pretty dirty stuff. It was NEVER about public safety unless you think like they did back then, and are terrified of Blacks and Mexicans in general or of them sleeping with white women?

If you can answer yes to any of the following questions then you may get where they were coming from back then. Racism, Corruption, Greed, and Ignorance.

Is African-American music satanic?

Does Marijuana cause white women to seek the company of negroes? And Darkies to seek out white women?

Is Marijuana an addictive drug which produces in its users insanity, criminality, and death?

Does Reefer (cannabis,marijuana)make darkies think they’re as good as white men?

Does Marihuana lead to pacifism and communist brainwashing?

Does marijuana make you likely to kill your own brother?

Is marijuana the most violence-causing drug in the history of mankind?

Is the English word assassin derived from the word hashishan?

Does Marihuana make fiends of boys in thirty days?

Does Hashish goad users to bloodlust?


Likely to murder your brother or a pacifist communist? Which one is it? It was never either of course. Just more lies courtesy of the US Govt.

These questions were all taken from direct quotes and statements from Harry J. Anslinger the first US Drug Czar. He popularized the term Marijuana (it was previously known as cannabis by most Americans hence the need for his name change to lie about it.)and began a long campaign of lies to demonize drugs and the people who choose to medicate with them.

He held his job for 30 years and spewed filthy racist lies throughout his career to make the public believe that drugs are a public menace and exported his American Racism throughout the world with his drug policies aimed at controlling ethnic populations.

Its disgusting and I have personally NEVER heard or seen a public official attempt to defend the drug war after being confronted with any of these statements above but the policies of our war on drugs were derived from this thinking, and continue to support it.

Drugs are no way as bad or dangerous as they would have you believe. They were irrationally scared of black people and Mexicans back then! That was the only so-called danger. These were people of the times when they lynched blacks for sport! They wanted to criminalize people for taking medicine.

BostonCannabis.Info on Boston Politics – local talk radio w Pastor Hobbs and Pastor Wall



I have been following this local Boston program every week to stay up on local politics. They were gracious enough to invite me to call in and share some info about cannabis with their audience. I appreciate the opportunity and look forward to helping out in a similar capacity whenever needed. Folks are talking about cannabis and there is a void of mainstream info about cannabis. That’s where BostonCannabis.Info fits in!



P.S. Its a great local show that encourages community participation. The station is operated by a church so its family friendly! Leave it on all day and catch some news that you wont here on other local channels. They have had more local politicians and community leaders on their little channel in one month then you will catch in one year of trying to catch Urban Update on WHDH or Cityline on WCVB! Yes, even Basic Black has much to learn from the accessible Boston Politics format.

Boston Praise Radio



Boston Politics w Pastor Bruce Wall Tuesdays 10pm-Midnite
Boston Politics w Pastor Bruce Wall Tuesdays 10pm-Midnite


Boston Politics with Pastor Wall

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh is Clueless on Cannabis!

BostonCannabis.Info In The Media

Chief has been a local cannabis advocate for several years and regularly interacts with public media to include topics and ideas that are relevant to the cannabis community.

In the following transcript from our brief radio call-in to BPRs Ask the Mayor on 4/29/2016..

Starting the conversation on cannabis

Chief catches the entire news team and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh himself off guard by asking very simple and straightforward questions about medicinal cannabis distribution in the city. They were totally unprepared for the question and admitted it had never crossed any of their minds how legal cannabis patients in the city of Boston have been and continue getting their fully legal medication now. It is staggering and disappointing for those of us that use medicinal cannabis to hear that so little thought goes into the voter and patient needs by those that are responsible for policy but you can hear how Mayor Walsh is all excited and knowledgeable about his bureaucratic practices to reap the cash rewards that he may believe the industry has by the way of his dispensary program.

Dispensaries? Really?

Dispensaries are a twenty year old business model developed for the Californian market, who says it was ever going to work in New England? The blind investment in such a dispensary system is misguided but politicians have been told thats the thing! so everybody hold onto your hats and pocketbooks. The market has been very clear in recent years that patients demand delivery just like anything else they use regularly and may purchase online or through amazon… but as the Mayor admits below there has been absolutely no thought about those types of patient needs at the highest levels of city government.

He knows all about the one dispensary that had yet to open at the time of the broadcast, on Milk St, and knows all about the legal process if you are a big company ready to make millions, but he is clueless when it comes to how patients receive their medicine now? What does this say for individual cannabis rights? What does it say about big business working with government for cannabis profit?

New Politicians Same old Sh**

Marty Walsh is indicative of a certain type of new politician that we are getting more familiar with these days.. The type of politician that stands for and supports the broken immoral, ignorant, corrupt, prohibitionist drug policies of our racist past oblivious to the lies and propaganda that they are practicing, until the voters finally defeat them and their ideas directly, with ballots petitions and votes…

Then these same politicians become experts on cannabis and drug policy overnight despite being so miserably and undeniably wrong for so many decades… and begin to support new regulatory policies aimed at curbing public use and maximizing their governments share of profits.. zoning legal medicinal cannabis distribution points out of and away from our neighborhoods, making sweetheart deals happen behind closed doors for new and old friends and cronies, all the while continuing to push old debunked negative propaganda, continuing to stand in the way of the voter with their tired ignorance, while supporting a possible future big business monopoly behind the scenes at the same time.

Now that the voters are changing the laws without them here come the same politicians that stood against the cannabis community, now claiming to be supportive of the cannabis voting public, to meddle with policy and get their beaks wet.

Government has NO credibility on issue of Cannabis!

Politicians and government have absolutely NO credibility on the issue of cannabis. They have been lying to us for so many decades that any rational person must question what are the legal grounds for class action lawsuits, because it is this writers belief that in the not too distant future cannabis will be confirmed as a legitimate treatment aid to cancer sufferers.

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in America. Second only to heart disease which can be stress related. Which means that for decades our government and politicians have pulled another fast one, another bold and humiliating hoax on the American people…. misleading them and lying all the while raising money for cancer research and knowing since 1974 that cannabis kills cancer cells in controlled university studies, denying them the very thing that may have lead to cancer treatment breakthroughs, brain, stem cell, and nervous tissue breakthroughs, decreased stress, pain and suffering, and perhaps even longer lifespans marked with less stress, and of course violently taking peoples freedom away for simple and non-violent possession in their drug war. It is immoral. It is corrupt. It is ignorant. and It is Racist.

Cannabis still has a serious stigma here in the Bay State. BostonCannabis.Info is working hard to change that.


The following is a transcript from Boston Public Radio show on 4/29/2016 Ask The Mayor w Jim Braude and Margery Eagan


BPR Post at 1:35:55 Chief from Mass Bay Cannabis and BostonCannabis.Info question Boston’s Mayor Marty Walsh about city cannabis policy.

WGBH BPR’s Ask The Mayor 4/29/2016;

BPR's Jim and Margery @1:35:55
BPR’s Jim and Margery @ 1:35:55



MAYOR WALSH: Is it Chief? in Mattapan?

CHIEF: Yes it is how do you do?

JIM/MAYOR: Go Chief.

CHIEF: Thanks for taking my call. Good afternoon. I wanted to ask the mayor.. If he.. I know he is against ah medicinal cannabis dispensaries in Boston but I wanted to know if he is against medicinal cannabis deliveries in Boston? There have been some .. many services operating for a while but have recently been shut down by the department of public health and Im just wondering if the mayor understands the need for those cannabis delivery services and if and what his thoughts are on how people get their cannabis in the city of Boston?

JIM: Thank you Chief

MAYOR: Thank you. Thats the first time I think its ever been brought to my attention I guess my response would be do we deliver prescription drugs from CVSs and from pharmacies……and if we do is there a system in place that they deliver prescription drugs that they could deliver marijuana?

MARGERY: I Don’t know.

MAYOR CONT: I wouldn’t suggest.. if it doesn’t happen i think its a very different thing you have to make sure the right person gets it..its a prescription you have to sign for it. I think.. Im not sure how the policy is going to work but  I don’t know if we deliver prescription drugs today. So I..

JIM: But you wouldn’t want them to be treated any differently than prescription drugs are? Is that what you are talking about?

MAYOR:  No I mean. I never heard I never even thought of this. No one.. This is the first time I ever heard something like this So I don’t know.

MARGERY:I never heard it either..

JIM: Chief? Chief are you still on the hold.. the line?


JIM: why don’t you.. pardon me?

CHIEF CONT: …people who have cards and they have been trying to get medicine for a long time so they utilize delivery services which have been running long before  dispensaries were ever available here in the city. .  you know so, now that dispensaries are coming online they are shutting down these delivery services saying they are no longer compliant because there is dispensaries around, while people have become used to getting the service.. uhm..

MAYOR: I have honestly I have got to look into it because I, Im not sure exactly.. I will contact If we want…

JIM: can we put him on hold?

MAYOR: yeah give your number to the producer here and uh we will have somebody from public health, our public health Boston Public Health and give you a call and look into the situation.

JIM:One related question.. we all know we have had this discussion with you ad nauseum and will continue I guess until november how strongly you oppose the marijuana legalization thing. Chief just said you opposed, which I was unaware of, .. ah the medicinal marijuana question too? ..How did  you.. I wasn’t aware of that and Im embarrassed that I wasn’t so my apologies in advance or not in advance but my apologies..

How do you justify that a, in a doctor patient relationship a doctor can prescribe an opioid or virtually anything but he or she shouldn’t be able to prescribe marijuana if the doctor believes thats whats..

MAYOR: well.. I mean.

JIM:…is most needed by the patient?

MAYOR: This is a battle.. two years ago that I clearly lost because the voters support it but my point.

JIM: No Im just curious as to what  ..

MAYOR: my point.. at the time that you could get marijuana in a pill form. Which is a little bit different than the smoking form. umm but now that the voters voted the way they did we are working, we have one marijuana dispensary coming to the city of Boston

JIM: where is that gonna be?

MAYOR: ahh its one on Milk St.

JIM: Mmmmm

MAYOR: which is supported by the city, by the BRA by the ZBA because they need to change the zoning and it is in the process of moving forward. Theres a couple of others that are being proposed. I believe out in the Brighton Allston area… and one maybe in a couple other areas of the city.

There have been a couple proposed that haven’t gone anywhere because of the communities uproar but i think that if they do the comm, proper community outreach and they talk to the neighborhood and the neighborhoods ok with it, I mean its the law so Im not gonna stand in the way of the law.

JIM: ah Katie in Dorchester..

MARGERY: Milk St thats sort of an interesting place right in the middle of a financial district.

MAYOR: Yeah it is but what they did was they went into a building


MAYOR: .. and they wanted a storefront view but they we had conversations well if everyone going has a prescription why do you need a storefront? So they moved into the building.


MAYOR: Its like a doctors office.

MARGERY: Its near city hall Mr. Mayor.

MAYOR: yeah, it is.

MARGERY: You can run over during your lunch hour.