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DEA Denies Cannabis Has Medical Value, Again | The Weed Blog

Source: DEA Denies Cannabis Has Medical Value, Again | The Weed Blog

We all could have predicted this but it is necessary to think deeper about what this long delay in the decriminalization process is about. The same people that have been benefiting from prohibition are getting every last drop of drug war profits they can before they start making profits selling them.

It is immoral to deny people medication and sacramental herbs all in order to criminalize people and make money off of their incarceration.

The scheduling of cannabis was fraudulent from the beginning!

We all know this and history shows this very clearly. It can not be denied so people just ignore the question.

The DEA is guilty of perpetrating decades of crimes against Americans in their overzealous, misled and misinformed drug war. They have made a lot of money off of American families with their racist and ignorant policies.

Cannabis is now proven to kill cancer cells in laboratories and all evidence and modern science i leading us back to what we always knew…

The DEA has been denying all of us our rights to medicine, to happiness, to religion, to industry, health, wellness and prosperity with their war on cannabis!


It can no longer be disputed by rational educated people.

Cannabis and Suffolk County (MA)

Cannabis and Suffolk County


Suffolk County Sheriff Steven Tompkins and the state’s 13 other county sheriffs have chosen the prohibitionist position on Cannabis…


Thats unfortunate because I thought Sheriff Tompkins was concerned about mass incarceration!?

You are not serious about turning mass incarceration around if you are for the historically racist, and definitively ignorant continued prohibition of cannabis.

These law enforcement types kill me. They always claim to know whats best for everyone and say they want to support the community but then they criminalize us for non-violent crimes, lie to us as the DEA has always done regarding cannabis and other drugs, make a living off of hunting and locking us up for non-violent drug crimes, advocate for the continued loss of our rights (voting,privacy, civil, human, etc.) filling public and private jails over court ruled capacity in what is often a filthy, degrading, inhumane people warehouse, where injustice and cruelty reign, pulling a salary off of the misery of others? There is no moral authority with someone who would criminalize someone for using medicine. Someone who would stand between a sick person and their medication? WTF!?


These Sheriffs are biased and should be sitting down in this drug war debate. No one has made better money and enjoyed more freedom doing so than the boys in blue! The Drug war was created, maintained, and supported by law enforcement and prisons. The Drug War has been a miserable failure since its beginning if the true goal was to curb drug traffic. The drug war has been very successful at its true intention though (as admitted to by Nixon Aide).. Criminalizing the political opposition and maintaining racist culture. It is unethical to call for the continued mistakes of the drug war to continue so that law enforcement employees can collect paychecks along with the other profiteers of the drug war. How many people have these sheriffs put in jail for the same drugs that we are working to legalize? They are fighting for their jobs. Not for us. Again.

MA State Cannabis Policy

MA State Cannabis Policy

MA State House
MA State House

MPAA Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance

View collection at

The Influence


High Hopes for Massachusetts’ Promising Marijuana Initiative

Looks Like Mike Capuano receives the only A grade? He is the onl one s far to cosponsor*H.R. 1013 Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol Act.

Shame I thought Joseph P Kennedy III was making addiction an important part of what he does? He and Bill Keating received the lowest ratings for their positions on cannabis from Norml of the Massachusetts  US Representatives.

Jim Mcgovern cosponsored *H.R. 2076: Marijuana Businesses Access to Banking Act of 2015 and receives a B rating from Norml.


MA State Cannabis Policy



Nice work from reporter Richard M. Evans

Drug Policy Forum of Massachusetts

Battle growing to stop legalization of marijuana in Massachusetts


Find your local politician for your Boston District here below!


MA State Cannabis Policy


Gov. Charlie Baker’s Prohibitionist Stance on Cannabis

Gov. Charlie Baker’s Prohibitionist Stance on Cannabis

Governor Charlie Baker is a Prohibitionist on the issue of cannabis.

Ignorance defined…

Prohibitionist Gov Charlie Baker
Baker spreading his negative cannabis propaganda at WGBH

Cannabis prohibition and the larger Drug War is immoral, racist, ignorant, and responsible for making our once peaceful communities violent.

Just as Alcohol Prohibition did in the 1930s, and as all Americans were very aware of this fact back then, they amended the US Constitution rather quickly to reverse the misled policy and law… 21st Amendment..

Our modern American society is not honest enough about our racist justice system, racist drug war, and racist mass incarceration to address these issues, and reverse the misled drug war..

Too much money is made for too many Americans now for us to revisit the tremendous wrongs that were done under these previous administrations..right? We are too heavily invested in mass incarceration now..right? Gotta keep the money circulating… right?

President Obama struggled just to enact his own policies.. fixing the policies of our previous republican administration will take more than two terms..

So how are we to build the will to reverse such entrenched and built in yet totally ignorant, wrong and misled policies from multiple administrations going back to the 1970s of our country?

Now we have a racist Republican nominee for President, Donald Trump… who is very much NOT unlike previous Racist President Ronald Reagan. Reagan followed in the footsteps of our most criminal and disgraced president of modern times Richard M Nixon, who started the drug war as we know it.. Reagan kickstarted the Drug War into overdrive. This is the legacy of the Republican Party. Of which our Governor belongs to..

So it is not surprising that he is an invested prohibitionist, but his ignorance or willingness to misrepresent the truth on the issue of cannabis is still disappointing and even depressing. Why are politicians never held accountable for these bold lies?.. Cannabis is a gateway drug, cannabis is dangerous, leads to criminality, its more dangerous than cocaine (therefore should be illegal), cannabis damages your brain, recovery community is against legalized cannabis all lies, lies, lies, lies…

Gov Baker is a Republican who refused to attend his party’s racist national convention and claims he wont vote for their racist republican nominee for president this year! uhm OK..? WTF!? Discourage people to vote much Governor?!

Why does he claim to be a Republican again?!!? You can try to distance yourself from the racism in the republican party but as a republican Charlie Baker supports the same racist, ignorant, immoral policies that his party does.



Governor Baker is furthering classic negative cannabis propaganda.. The Gateway theory has been thoroughly debunked and most people in our modern culture are aware that it has. Get real man! Thats some bold faced lies Charlie!!

Check out this Article from time to know more…

Marijuana as a Gateway Drug: The Myth That Will Not Die

Scientists long ago abandoned the idea that marijuana causes users to try other drugs: as far back as 1999, in areport commissioned by Congress to look at the possible dangers of medical marijuana, the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences wrote:

Since then, numerous other studies have failed to support the gateway idea. Every year, the federal government funds two huge surveys on drug use in the population. Over and over they find that the number of people who try marijuana dwarfs that for cocaine or heroin. For example, in 2009, 2.3 million people reported trying pot — compared with 617,000 who tried cocaine and 180,000 who tried heroin. (More on See photos of cannabis conventions)


or this article from the Atlantic

or this from Newsweek


or this…

…its embarrassing and depressing that our state leadership is so ignorant and uninformed when it comes to this issue.