Cannabis Witch Hunt

Cannabis and The Witch Hunt..

Cannabis and The Witch Hunt

  • Witch Hunt: the act of unfairly looking for and punishing people who are accused of having opinions that are believed to be dangerous or evil.

    Ahhh Witch Hunts… as American as apple pie..right?

Witch Hunts go way way back.. just like human cannabis use does…

Wait a minute Chief! are you trying to say witches used cannabis?

Oh yes friends.. The Witch Hunt and cannabis use go back to the beginning of recorded time..

One of the original witch hunts was against the jews of the ancient world and biblical times..

The Jewish community was accused of the “blood libel”, among many many other things to be sure..

Using the blood of christian children for their demonic potions and magic.
Using the blood of christian children for their demonic potions and magic.

Blood libel (also blood accusation)[1][2] is an accusation[3][4][5] that Jews kidnapped and murdered the children of Christians in order to use their blood as part of their religious ritualsduring Jewish holidays.[1][2][6] Historically, these claims – alongside those of well poisoning and host desecration – have been a major theme of the persecution of Jews in Europe.[4]

The majority community spread lies and propaganda about the jewish community.. saying they slaughtered christian children for sacrifices and potions..

This of course resulted in hostility towards jewish people everywhere they went..

Bias.. both explicit and implicit.. was what they experienced daily..

Jews could quickly find themselves being executed for the accusation of blood libel or heresy or witch craft..

After the Christian church had been established.. The victims of previous claims of blood libel now would come to use it against women… accused of heresy, blood libel or witchcraft..

The myth of Adam and Eve shows clearly how women were to be seen as likely to consort with devils and demons at any turn.


This was sexist propaganda that proved very effective.. just like the racist Reefer Madness Campaign started in the 1930s..  bs66

Women only recently received right to vote in USA by 19th Constitutional Amendment  (1920). Cannabis and those that use it are still the subject of witch hunts..

Thousands of women were burned and hung as witches in Europe and the Americas..

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How many more were raped or tortured before being killed?

How many were not killed but violently scarred?

How many more were terrorized by the public spectacle and attitude?


a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another.

  1. adjective
    having or showing the belief that a particular race is superior to another.
    US Cannabis/Drug policy was racist from the start..

    Harry Anslinger who was the first Commissioner for Federal Bureau of Narcotics was not ashamed of his racism then and is quoted saying all kinds of racist garbage like “Marijuana makes darkies want to sleep with white women” in a time when black men were regularly humiliated, attacked, assaulted, tortured, executed, and hung by upstanding members of society all over the country.. his organization which he ran for 30 years would later become the DEA under another Racist political leader of Americas past President Richard “Tricky” Dick Nixon.

  2. lou and nixnixon
  3. These two scumbags, Nixon and Anslinger are responsible for our current federal cannabis policy, they are also both dead so…
  4. Anslinger and Nixon have now thoroughly been discredited as racist liars that used their positions to make immoral racist and illegal laws against their social and political enemies.. not recognizing their rights as citizens.. Anslingers 1937 Marijuana Tax Act was later found unconstitutional but the damage had been done over the 30 years it took to be challenged.. Nixon picked up the torch readily as one of Americas most criminal political campaigners… losing the highest seat in the land to his own dishonesty and willingness to break the law in order to get over on his political enemies..
  5. Nixon started a tradition and framework to continue to criminalize non-violent drug crime and minority populations. He also showed future republicans how to win the white house through racist propaganda and campaigning.. “The Southern Strategy” is Tricky Dick’s contribution to American Politics.
  6. Thanks DICK!!! and the Republican Party..
  7. politics and money… drug prohibition has never been about the health of the public. Its about over-policing the minorities and everyone here in America has known this for a long time now. NOT a mystery.. How long has The New Jim Crow been on the New York Times Bestseller list? 118weeks+!! July 22/2016aa1c484a3526bd3672b162f12484aae8Copy of alexander-jim-crow-575x383
  8. Michelle Alexander is a respected professor who was confronted with these theories and denied them at first for some time and then finally came around to giving it a serious look and was drawn in to the nightmare that is US justice or the lack thereof.
  9. Our police forces all across America continue to play out the sick racist fantasies of a twisted depression era America looking to place blame on the vulnerable for the problems of the larger society..and a disgraced political monster with no regard for millions of Americans… where minorities (black folks) hanging from trees with bloated eyes and stiff hands were a more normal and accepted part of American life..and where civil rights heroes were unconstitutionally followed, abused, spied on, conspired against and harassed… all billed to American taxpayers of course by the same criminals that brought us the drug war.

Ronald Reagan added money to his war on drugs.. putting the words mass incarceration on the lips of all Americans by 2016..Copy of quote-marijuana-is-probably-the-most-dangerous-drug-in-america-today-ronald-reagan-85-92-80trumpreag1Copy of reagansmoking

Americans have not yet had the courage to face this ugly part of our culture, and more importantly our justice system that provides so very little justice to the millions of people of color in this country due to racist policies exemplified by the drug war. The situation is, of course, and has been unsustainable… do what you will with this information, but please don’t be confused about the nature of the drug war.



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