Premature Buffer zone for marijuana dispensaries backed by Boston City Council At-Large Michael Flaherty will only weaken legal market and encourage illegal and child use.

Flaherty said he introduced the buffer zone last year, after hearing from residents and local business owners who were nervous about the prospect of recreational marijuana use. (concerns fueled by racist and ignorant American history of false cannabis propaganda and lies)

Source: Buffer zone for marijuana dispensaries backed in Boston | Michael Flaherty for Boston City Council At-Large

This is exactly the type of stuff that we are here to tell you about and fight against! This is how it starts folks!

The new system that will be used to oppress, discriminate and create monopolies for the rich and connected few, starts with admittedly premature measures like Councilor Flaherty’s half-mile buffer for all cannabis/marijuana related businesses in Boston. This is the ignorance and lets be honest… racism, that creeps back into the system.

I wrote a lengthy letter and let the council know of their error. Check it out.

To: The Boston City Council Committee on Jobs, Wages & Workforce Development Hearing on Marijuana/Cannabis Market Equity

The weakening of the legal market is of course support for the illegal one. Which deals to kids. So…

Councilor Flaherty’s measure supports the use of cannabis by minors in the city of Boston, and supports criminal activities.

This is what unchecked racism and ignorance turns into folks! Concerned business owners and residents get irrationally nervous about what they imagine is so very dangerous, but in reality it is their cultural anxieties playing out in their little heads. We have suffered enough for the racist and ignorant concerns of their dominant culture.

Please stop.

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