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Repairing Our Relationship with Cannabis

Repairing Our Relationship with Cannabis

Cannabis has been misunderstood in America

Screen Shot 2012-03-30 at 2.16.09 PMfor many decades…

Our difficult relationship with cannabis goes back thousands of years..

Many people will be shocked to find out that not only can cannabis be traced back to one of civilizations first cultivated crops, being continually cultivated in China since the neolithic age, but it may be responsible for mankind leaving the stone age (Neo-lithic Revolution), was integral to the founding of the worlds first oldest and largest religions, offers mankind more useful products from one plant than any other plant known, is currently being researched as a cancer treatment, and may be the original key to human consciousness having lead an evolved human mind into a more calm reflexive abstract thinking mind..

Repairing Our Relationship with Cannabis
Repairing Our Relationship with Cannabis

That’s right .. the theory is not new. Its called Bicameralism.  And explains that the human mind until several thousand years ago could most closely be described today as schizophrenic. Thoughts would often be heard as what can closely be explained as command hallucinations (auditory hallucinations). We think therefore we are. But before this the mind was more animal like, in the moment, constantly moving from one task to the next, think of a dog or even ants which are capable of impressive social or technical feats.

One could see how this may have developed… before people being aware of the idea(s) that we have a thinking brain which has internal thoughts, which may be manifested different ways. Thinking to oneself before one thought of it as thinking to oneself would be like listening to a very intense and knowledgeable person whispering in your head. Cannabis’ therapeutic effect on the mentally ill is very notable here. Because it can be used for just that said effect in a busy ADHD person’s mind for example… bringing reflection, focus and creativity to a world that is consumed with physical stress.

tree of life

It is also not hard to see how certain hunter gatherer societies would benefit from this ability to expand perception, not to mention the hundreds of medicinal, nutritional, and industrial uses cannabis provides.. allowing them to be better prepared for survival and therefore be the evolutionary winners over those less equipped.

Would cannabis have helped or hurt a neolithic age hunter gatherer society?

Do we have different uses for cannabis today?

Because of Greed, Politics, and frankly Racism cannabis is still federally illegal in the USA.

How did this situation come about?

Why does our government lie so blatantly with regards to cannabis?


Stay tuned folks…




Repairing Our Relationship with Cannabis