Our Immoral Drug Laws | The Nation

Immoral Drug War

Source: Our Immoral Drug Laws | The Nation

This article by Alfred R. Lindesmith, (way back in 1958!) clearly illustrates modern cannabis prohibitionists and drug war profiteers’ (Large Corporations and Law Enforcement), deeply immoral, multi-decades long history of violently exploiting Americans.

I challenge rational people who represent these profiteers to provide us with ANY argument or dispute to claim otherwise.




If people are to feel a sense of obligation to the law, then the law must correspond with what they consider to be right and just, or, at any rate, must not unduly diverge from it. In other words, it must correspond, as near as may be, with justice. —Sir Alfred Denning

With New Cannabis Cafes, You Can Smoke ‘Em Where You Bought ‘Em | WBUR News

Barcelona Cannabis Club interior
Barcelona Cannabis Club interior

The state’s Cannabis Control Commission approved a measure that will allow “cannabis cafes” to open — like a bar where a person can use marijuana on the premises.

Source: With New Cannabis Cafes, You Can Smoke ‘Em Where You Bought ‘Em | WBUR News

When will recreational marijuana be available in Massachusetts?

When will recreational cannabis/marijuana be available in Massachusetts?


Many locals and visitors have been wondering when they can expect to be able to legally obtain recreational or adult use cannabis in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The answer may be obvious to some but let’s break it down…


Cannabis or marijuana in Massachusetts is already readily available, not just on the local black market, but from private local cannabis clubs, and medicinal dispensaries as well.

What people really want to know is, when do the new stores open that don’t require a private membership, medical card or Dr.s certification?


The politicians in Massachusetts have pushed the official timeline back a bit, but as it stands now they… have to start approving applications under the new state cannabis licensing scheme by June of 2018, so look for new adult use “recreational” cannabis stores near you,  soon after then.


If you are looking to apply to get one of those coveted cannabis business licenses, and perhaps start your own cannabis business, your window of opportunity will begin in April.

Good luck.


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