Long-Term Effects on Countries That Have Legalized Cannabis

Read this for the truth on long term national effects of cannabis legalization. Don’t believe the lies you may hear elsewhere.!



Source: Long-Term Effects on Countries That Have Legalized Cannabis

What is The Cannabis Awakening?

What is The Cannabis Awakening?

The Cannabis Awakening is what happens when western societies legalize cannabis
What is the Cannabis Awakening?

You may have noticed that American culture is changing, rapidly and at an accelerated pace it may seem… especially, or more to a certain degree in areas of the country where cannabis is becoming legal.

The catalyst for some of the social change that you are seeing may not just be all from the new awareness of things like the housing crises, The 99% protests, Lgtbq rights, decline of public education, violent police assaults and murders, decline of the middle class, mass incarceration, the growth of Black Lives Matter, our new age of terrorism, or the latest Donald Trump public defecation episode.

There is another name for what is happening..

The Cannabis Awakening
The Cannabis Awakening is the socio-cultural phenomenon currently taking place in America and across the world, that is marked by the following factors and behaviors, typically in this order…


  1. Increasing cannabis legality and social acceptance, that is soon followed with radical changes in culture.
  2. These changes in culture result not only from the new acceptance of cannabis consumers socially, but from the interaction and acceptance of the new cannabis culture and knowledge base as well.
  3. These changes in the new social reality and knowledge base, moves the dominant culture away from the errors of church and government, towards revolutionary individual spiritual and societal transformations.
  4. Resulting in more empowered individuals and communities, leading to more conscious, spiritual, and morally focused belief systems.


The Cannabis Awakening is basically one of the things that happens when western societies legalize cannabis!


The reality of accepting people into society that have been unaccepted for so long creates a culture clash that inevitably exposes both sides to the culture of the other. Old lies are uncovered and new knowledge and information is absorbed and reintegrated. In the case of cannabis culture, the mainstream has been unaccepting of cannabis culture and knowledge for so long, that these shifts in culture can be profound.

Cannabis is unique in its awakening potential because of both its specific effects on the human body and its ancient and modern history related to the emergence of semi-sedentary societies, religion (and its evolution!) and western civilization.

Cannabis has not just been purposefully hidden and lied about. Its prohibition has been used since biblical times to identify and persecute those that are a threat to the dominant cultural paradigm. From women accused of being witches, to Black Americans and the Drug War, cannabis prohibition has been used by those in authority to torment and terrorize large numbers of people.

Cannabis is becoming mainstream, what many haven’t quite realized yet is not just how that will change the community that they live in, but how will it change the way we think.?




Why I Don’t Support the Medical Cannabis Dispensary System in Massachusetts

Why I Don’t Support the Medical Cannabis Dispensary System in Massachusetts.

hint: its racist!

Cannabis should have never been criminalized. It was a terrible mistake motivated by racism and ignorance that most Americans are completely unaware of. Cannabis should have never been placed under the controlled substances act either. Unfortunately correcting wrongs and standing up for fairness and equality are not popular ways of spending time in America these days.


When medicinal cannabis was legalized in MA, I expected social justice issues to take a back seat to the new multi-millionaire out of state players, and their needs wants and concerns.


I also expected politicians to jump in and try to get their beaks wet too, changing regulations to favor their long held fears and biases, and more traditional (prohibitionist) constituencies instead of any new constituents that may be in support of cannabis consumers.


I knew that we were essentially setting up another racist system of cannabis distribution, and decided very early on to be weary of the medicinal cannabis market and the monopolies that government is creating and maintaining for them.


Just as I expected, we see even more racial disparity in the newly emerging cannabis distribution paradigm and legal markets, than the older models and markets, that were less legal but much less encouraging of market monopolies and the growing lack of diversity in market participation.


Should i really be supporting another racist system? One that is even more racist than the last (in regards to legal market participation)?


I was an early patient in the Massachusetts Medical Cannabis program. Met and paid my doctor $200, and then paid the state $50, for the benefit of being legally able to consume cannabis for the period of 12 months before I had to pay $250 again for the next 12 months. There is now one dispensary in Boston that I am aware of. (Milk St) and there are a few in surrounding commmunities. (Brockton, Lowell, Brookline, Saugus)


Its a lot to pay for relatively no local services. The state has misled people into believing that if they pay for their mmj card there will be numerous acceptable options for them, but this has never been the case. Most people understand fully well that the MMJ card offered in MA is simply a purchased protection pass from law enforcement. Its a racket.


That’s why you see a tremendous gap in registered cannabis patients in MA, versus dispensary visitation. The need for a MMJ card in MA is actually an old fashioned shakedown wherein cops ask if you paid, if you didn’t then you are a criminal. Citizens are scared of abuse from law enforcement! This was supposed to be a medical program for the benefit of patients! Paying a fee has NOTHING to do with whether you need cannabis or not. This betrays the fact that the distribution laws are being changed for the benefit of big business and law enforcement, not the voters and consumers that have been fighting for their rights for decades.


They have been fooled and lied to, as the state sets up new monopolies for cannabis through medicinal dispensaries and the very few rich and connected people that are able to enter such a protected and highly restrictive market are able to effectively criminalize other sectors of the market, that are older, more respected and serves more people.


It is extremely hard for me to support such an industry when the inequality is so clear and blatant and there is so little concern to remedy such effects.


If the legal cannabis industry here in Massachusetts is simply another racist public institution, closed to people that have historically been mistreated in this industry, then it does not deserve my support or respect.


That’s why I have never been inside a Massachusetts medicinal dispensary and I don’t have plans to.


I tried once. As i was pulling up to a local medical dispensary there was an older white cop, standing outfront, greeting people and telling them where to park. I was flabbergasted. I couldn’t believe that they actually wanted me, a black veteran with PTSD to go and interact with police before I pay for my cannabis?!! The first person you see at local medical dispensaries is a cop!?

I’m not going to go and pay the police so I can have legal access to cannabis! Fuck that! I have heard stories from patients about being searched, metal detectors, institutional attitudes, and more cops, all being part of their medical dispensary experience in MA. I’m good with that. I get treated like a criminal enough in my regular life as person of color.


I will never support a system that rewards my oppressors for abusing me, while ignoring racial discrimination. Its unconscionable! But its Massachusetts and the city of Boston. A quick internet search betrays the way Americans have come to understand and see the New England region as an old and firm bastion of Racism.


Clueless politicians and residents will continue to bring their ignorance and biases to the table to ensure a system that works for very few and is more effective at strengthening the black market than encouraging the market to change. That has been the strength of most massachusetts politicians up to now.


In order to have a fair system you must first acknowledge the wrongs of cannabis prohibition and the drug war. But we live in a city where the police department, politicians, and most others refuse to admit their racism even after ordered to do so by the courts!


They refuse to see cannabis consumers as contributing members of society too, and decide to see the new cannabis market as a problem to be grudgingly dealt with… (kind of how black people are treated, you know? Bias!)


NOT the rare and true opportunity it is to repair historic wrongs,NOT the unique new market opportunity that could very well be the economic growth locals long for, NOT a way to practice courage and inclusion and community building, NOT an opportunity to craft a new market that serves everyone, and NOT a refreshing opportunity to address racial injustice, cultural lies, revisit the mass of harmful propaganda that has been immorally fed to the American public regarding cannabis.


No, they see taxes and regulations., and unfortunately not much else but their cultural fears of cannabis consumers.


I refuse to support yet another racist paradigm.


If locals want their new cannabis market to work, they had better get real fast. Equality looks like full market participation by those that have been harmed from the drug war. Without it, its a racist system. That may be seen as fine and perhaps expected in most of our other existing public institutions, but i won’t help build another racist system if i can manage it at all.


A distribution model that accepts the very real history of racist and immoral cannabis prohibition would have addressed all aspects of the issue (as the law written and passed by voters is designed to do!). When people refuse to face facts, they recreate the same problems again.


I understand, like economists and sociologists that have looked at the issue, that in order to encourage full market participation, taxes must remain low or even close to voluntary, and regulations can not be overly restrictive or aggressively enforced by law enforcement. Law enforcement has had a big hand in this situation, and it is immoral and naive to now act as if law enforcement has not been the prime proponent and supporter of the immoral and violent drug war and the racism and ignorance that follows.


Law enforcement can not be a prime beneficiary of this paradigm while blacks and minorities, are once again, singled out for mistreatment!

What’s wrong with the people of Massachusetts?

Chief from BostonCannabis.Info

Check out The Boston City Council’s Cannabis Hearing Report to see what Bostonian’s think would help make a more fair legal market for cannabis.

12.14.16 Doc 1206 Marijuana Equity Committee Report – FINAL


This is how the city of Oakland, CA addresses this issue.

Oakland: Revised Medical Cannabis Regulations Focus on Diversity and Equality

Boston Cannabis March Media Updates!!

BostonCannabis.Info EXCLUSIVE!

Boston Cannabis March Media Updates!!

Boston City Council’s Marijuana Equity Committee Report


MA State Marijuana Committee on Marijuana Policy

12.14.16 Doc 1206 Marijuana Equity Committee Report – FINAL

This video is from a recent local radio program that all locals should check out! Boston Praise radio and TV is truly a local voice for the community. They have always been very open and accepting of any cannabis info i have brought to them. There is no other local media outlet with their footprint and demographic audience in the area!



Check out these audio clips from local shows about cannabis!

MA State Marijuana Committee on Marijuana Policy


Sen Jehlen and Rep Cusack


Below is a NPR Broadcast about equality in the cannabis industry.


Stay tuned for regular Boston Cannabis Media Updates!!

Prohibitionist, MA State Senator Jason Lewis continues to attack Legal Cannabis Community.

Radio interview with prohibitionist politician Sen Jason Lewis. This is how the new model for racial oppression and discrimination begins. Ignorant and biased politicians misrepresent the truth and make BAD policy that we all have to use our resources to clean up later. Just like Donald Trump, or George W. Bush, two modern Republican politicians.

Source: New Bills Seek To Regulate Marijuana In Mass.

Prohibitionist, MA State Senator Jason Lewis continues to attack Legal Cannabis Community.

Sen Lewis is a politician of the times. Like Donald Trump. They say one thing but really mean another. They are dishonest when they represent policy and facts. They smile while they lie and attack peaceful and legal communities. Massachusetts voters should be disgusted with the behavior of Senator Lewis. I encourage cannabis consumers in MA to contact Sen Lewis office and let him know how misled he is. Maybe ask him how much money Trump and anti-cannabis lobbyists have promised him? Or what type of business deals are being made in Colorado, on behalf of MA voters?


Sen Jason Lewis office 617-722-1206


Once again, in case anyone missed it.

Sen Jason Lewis is taking a dirty page from a very old, American Racist playbook, and trying to repackage it for us. The idea that cannabis is a public health danger that we must be protected from is simply a lie. This lie comes from the very well documented campaign of racist anti-cannabis propaganda called “Reefer Madness”.

People voted to legalize cannabis because they are more informed than biased politicians like Lewis and reject what he is saying about cannabis. He is saying what prohibitionists have always said about cannabis, there is no difference.

There is no science behind what Lewis is proposing, just bias. Why are prohibitionists like him being allowed to ruin a new paradigm that voters have worked hard for? I say the same reasons that we always have.

When Lewis says he is taking the will of voters seriously, he is lying. He is attacking voters and lying about it… but we should quickly be getting used to how immoral our politicians can be.

There is no doubt that Sen Jason Lewis and other prohibitionists are behaving in an undemocratic way when it comes to respecting the voters.


Prohibitionist Bills Could Reshape Massachusetts’ Marijuana Law

Fewer plants, fewer ounces, and a delay on edibles are all on the table this year.

Source: Bills Could Reshape Massachusetts’ Marijuana Law


WOW! They actually are thinking of putting Anslinger-like Prohibitionist Sen Jason Lewis in charge of a “marijuana committee on Beacon Hill”!

What an amazingly bold, destructive and offensive thing to do. But MA Governor Charlie Baker is a Republican. Right now Republicans are acting amazingly bold, destructive, offensive, and against the will of the voters throughout the country, so should we be that surprised?

Governor Charlie Baker and other Prohibitionists like Sen Jason Lewis are our representatives for Trump policies locally, so we should expect no different.


Someone should really tell them though, that these actions will only result in a broken system again, but alas, it is these types of lessons that can only be reached through honest and thoughtful actions. The campaign against cannabis has rarely been honest or very thoughtful of the rights of Americans.

I encourage people who find themselves having a problem with cannabis to do some research on why we call it “marijuana”, and why it was first made illegal. Its a story of racism and ignorance, and if modern politicians can achieve enough support to  become President of the United States, for supporting racism and ignorance today, then we should expect them to be motivated cannabis prohibitionists as well.